Beyond Misty Mountain

Beyond Misty Mountain

Beyond Misty Mountain

Something is afoot in Seven Cities. A beast, long thought extinct, is stirring.

King Edirp dreams of a world on fire. His adviser, Med Tet, dreams of a world in chains. The fragile peace of Seven Cities could soon shatter for good.

Unless three unlikely thieves, a tea-obsessed wizard and a stubborn young girl can stand in the way.

Seven Cities is in safe hands, right?


‘Witty, irreverent, and transfixing’ – Dipti Rallan, via Smashwords

‘A real page turner’ – Simon, via Smashwords

Written with humour and oozing creativity. A thoroughly enjoyable read!‘ – Amazon review

‘A book that is very difficult to put down. A delightful lighthearted tale’ – Tom, via Amazon

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